Renaissance vs. Reformation

Difference between Renaissance and Reformation Spanning between the 1500-1800 A.D, was a cultural movement that had its origin…

Difference between Renaissance and Reformation

Spanning between the 1500-1800 A.D, was a cultural movement that had its origin in Florence, in Italy, and ultimately spread throughout the rest of Europe. On the other hand, Reformation that started in 1517 was a reform movement, started by the Christians of Europe that resulted in the splitting up of Christianity into Catholics and Protestants. Due to this reason, Reformation is also referred to as Protestant reformation.

While the word, Renaissance, usually refers to such an era in the world history that was culturally very rich and prospering, on the other hand, Reformation denotes to such an era that was much into religion and religious activities. The word RENAISSANCE was first used in the 12th century, in order to represent cultural movements like Carolingian Renaissance etc.

Reformation saw the people or rather the Protestants or reformers, opposing the doctrines, the practices of, as well as the structure of the Roman Catholic, with and intention of forming, or rather creating new churches for the Protestants. In order show their displeasure towards the unreligious activities of the Protestants, the Catholics showed their non- co-operative responses by launching a Counter Reformation in answer to the Reformation by the Protestants. The main difference between Renaissance and Reformation is that In spite of having originated from Florences, the former spread to almost all the parts of Europe, while the later was restricted to only Northern Europe, as the southern Part of Europe chose to remain Catholic. This indicates the fact that Renaissance was a constructive movement, resulting in a great deal of advancement in the field of art as well as architecture, while Reformation only resulted in fragmenting the Christian religion in Europe. Delineation of linear perspective in the pieces of art in the Renaissance period was quite evident. However Reformation movement paved way for doctrinal differences among reformers that gave birth to the Puritans, the Presbyterian, the Reformed and the Lutheran.


  1. Refers to a cultural movement, that had its origin in Italy and then spreading throughout Europe
  1. Refers to a Christian movement that had its origin in North America
  1. Resulted in a great advancement as regards art and architecture
  1. Resulted in breaking up of Christians into Catholics and Protestants



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