Replica vs. Fake

Difference Between Replica and Fake Fake and replica have assumed significance in these times because of the desire…

Difference Between Replica and Fake

Fake and replica have assumed significance in these times because of the desire of people to have an item that is too expensive for them at a reasonable price. By observing people’s desire to use articles made by expensive brands and designers, manufacturers have come up with lookalike products in the market to attract and fool people for buying them. Although both fake and replica have similarities because their ultimate goal is to sell below quality items posing for the expensive and branded items, there are differences between the replica and fake, which are discussed below.


A replica is intended to be an exact copy of the original and is for purposes of display. There are examples in sports where winning teams are given the replicas of the trophy because the original one is expensive and antique and is kept safely. Replicas are often used in museums for the purposes of display. In the market, if you find a dealer showing a replica handbag (Gucci), this means that the bag was made by another company and can be identical in looks and also same material may have been used in making it. But still it is only a copy of the original and not the original itself. The bag will obviously have the manufacturing company’s logo and not the Gucci logo. You are informed that it is a replica and you can easily get it at very low price in comparison to the price of the original. This is the biggest characteristic of a replica and you are not deceived in any way.


As the name implies, a fake is intended to deceive the customer and draw them into buying the product. In this case, not just product quality is very low; the manufacturer does not use its own logo, but keeps the original logo to give the impression that the customer is getting this rare opportunity to buy the original piece at unbelievably low prices. This obviously has a great effect on many buyers and they buy the fake items thinking that they are getting the original product.





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