Report vs. Memo

Difference Between Report and Memo Memo and report are facts which are intended to be kept and information…

Difference Between Report and Memo

Memo and report are facts which are intended to be kept and information communication, or act as a record. They are commonly known as documents. These papers usually focus on the government and management of businesses. These are usually printed on paper or in an online format.


These are documents that are focused and relevant content created for certain audience. It is usually used to display findings of an investigation, an inquiry or experiment. The addressees may be an individual, public or private people. The reports are commonly used in education, science, government, business and other fields. This kind of document has convincing elements benefits, such as voice, images, or graphic display to persuade the audience to take action.

Memo (Memorandum)

In short, known as memo, is a document that helps the memory by observing certain themes or by recording events that are used in a business office. It can be written in any format, or it may be based on specific formats a specific institution or office. It records the terms of the transaction, contract, MOA (the memorandum of association) and the MOU (memorandum of understanding).

The difference between Memo and Report

The reports usually contain an introduction, captions, labels and paint charts or diagrams to support the information while a Memorandum commonly begins with this format: Date, From, To and the subject. The purpose of report writing is to convince the reader on the matter of the report while a memorandum is not written primarily for informing the reader but defending the writer. The reports cover a wide variety of topics related to business, science or the government whereas a memorandum covers only issues or transactions related to business. The reports are very concise and are written after complete research on the matter while the Memorandum are made to deliver orders related to changing policies or about a particular issue.

The reports and the memorandum are present in the daily life of most of the people. These documents are available to provide information or documentation of certain incidents or changes.


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