Resort vs. Hotel

Difference between Hotels and Resorts Hotels It is true that the main agenda of hotels and resorts is…

Difference between Hotels and Resorts


It is true that the main agenda of hotels and resorts is to provide the visitors a place to reside; there are huge differences between them. The main purpose of a hotel is to provide visitors a place to stay while they are away from their home. There are many occasions where people need to go to places which are away from their homes, like meetings, important functions, events. They then look for places where they can stay on a temporary basis and then they leave. The hotels provide these people, who do not have a home or a relatives’ place to stay, with places where they can reside for the night or till the time their purpose of visit is over. People come to stay at hotels for a short period of time. Hotels are generally located at popular areas, like near a railway station, or an airport, or in the central position of major cities, town or near popular tourist attractions etc.




However a resort is fully capable of providing a person with good quality of lodging, food, drinks as well as modes of entertainment (sports) as well as recreation (games, spa, shopping etc). It is built with a purpose of providing the visitors with an opportunity to relax, recreation as well as giving them proper food, accommodation and other amenities for day to day purposes. People have different purpose of putting up in a resort. They come to a resort because they want to spend a tension- free, leisurely time with the family in a particular place, or a town in order to escape from the daily hustle and bustle, and relax. They are fully sufficient to provide the visitors with every thing they are looking for. Resorts are preferred by clients who want to stay for a longer period of time, and home with the aim of relaxing and spending leisure time. Unlike the hotels, the resorts are located amidst the beautiful nature with greenery with lots of flora as well as fauna all around, which will help the visitors to relax and enjoy. A resort on the island and provides recreation and entertainment activities that include swimming, scuba diving, Para-sailing, boating, fishing etc. A mountain resort is aimed at making the activities like skiing, trekking etc. an attraction for the people who come to stay there.


However there are hotels without full facilities who market themselves as resorts, which may mislead tourists. Though, hotel is usually a central feature of a resort, the defining characteristic of a resort hotel is that it exists purely to serve other attractions required for relaxation or recreation. It is always better to book you room in advance if you want a comfortable stay in the resorts.


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