Revolution vs Civil War

Difference Between Revolution and Civil War The term revolution originates from a Latin word ‘revolution’ which means ‘a…

Difference Between Revolution and Civil War

The term revolution originates from a Latin word ‘revolution’ which means ‘a turn around’.

History of mankind has witnessed many revolutions all over the world, some of the most important being the French Revolution (1789-1799), the Chinese Revolution (1927-1949), the Glorious Revolution(1688) etc. All of these revolutions were the key factors in bringing a change in the social, economic, political and also cultural status of the country or a particular region that was concerned. So it can be said very safely that a revolution brings in a permanent change in almost every aspect of a particular region. In a short time span, it is capable to bring in any transformation in any society, culture, technology, power, philosophy or organization and that too, for good. However changes that a revolution may bring in are generally outside the political domain. In a revolution the uprising is against the Government.

On the other hand a Civil War is a state of war against two organized groups who are willing to create their own independent Government with a proper defence system. Generally the two groups which are at war belong to the same nation or state. Civil war results in changes in Government or administration, or in the formation of Governing body which are oppressive in nature. It depends upon who in the end emerges as a winner of the war. There have been many civil wars in the history of mankind. The American Civil war is an example of civil war. In wars like these there comes balance of power. Unlike the revolution in a civil war there are people who are in a same nation fight against each other.

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