River Basin Vs. Watershed

Difference Between River Basin And Watershed Water is one of the most important parts of the earth’s ecosystems.…

Difference Between River Basin And Watershed

Water is one of the most important parts of the earth’s ecosystems. Water is the prime factor that is needed for the growth of all living things, and waterways such as rivers and oceans are home to many aquatic animals and plants. Water keeps our ecological system in balance.

Water can take variegated forms, as a solid, liquid or gas, but it is common to see water in liquid form. We see water in the oceans, lakes, streams, ponds and rivers. Rivers is the basis for most population, many communities located near rivers or pools.

A river is also known as catchment area, catchment or river basin. There may be small sub-basins that make up the great river. When rain falls or when snow and ice melts, the water that comes from countries in the pool before going out to the river, lakes, oceans and lakes.

The separation of river basins is because of mountains, ridges and hills. Water coming from various areas such as ponds, streams, river, rain or even the liquidating ice and snow flowing amidst them into the river and out to a usually larger water body.

These are called high water holding or increases that are different in the catchments or river basin. They are also known as drainage area because they tend to make a separation of the river or drainage basin from other river systems. Another term is a watershed primarily vocal across the region of North American. The word refers to a river that is sized small and runs a small socket or a wetland area. Catchment area is considered part of the catchment area. In other parts of the world, parts Watershed drainage that cuts through the river system.

Although both wash and watershed forms of land, they function very differently in our ecological system. They gather water by means of various sources that the water will drain from the house, water from rain and other surface based moisture or water particles. Other parts of the catchment area are the collection center where all water from different sources gets together.


1River basins are lands where water from different sources get together, the watershed also mean the same as the river, but also refers to the drainage divide or ground form that makes the separation between rivers.

2. A watershed flows into smaller sources while a basin of any river runs out water to larger sources.

3a basin collects water from various sources such as sewage from homes and drain them in other bodies of water that the watershed catchment area or collection points, which contains water that is collected

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