Road vs. Street

Difference between a road and a street For many of us who have had the opportunity to be…

Difference between a road and a street

For many of us who have had the opportunity to be in large cities and towns may stop to wonder whether indeed there is any difference between a street and a road. The reality is that although the distinction may look marginal, the two have very clear differences.

Roads basically run in between two points that are a distance away from each other for example two towns. As for a street, it is also a kind of a road although as opposed to a road, the street only serves to link two points in a city that are generally close to each other. The basic distinction that indeed stands out is the fact that in most cases the roads will be graced by vehicles while streets will be used by people. Consequently, roads are prepared in such a way that their surface is meant for cars. Not in many cases you will find buildings or houses aligned along the roads but when it come to streets, the reverse is equally true. In cases where you may find buildings along roads, in many instances they are likely to be official building that are popular among people such as theaters, film halls and others owned by official companies or agencies.

In a street however, houses are owned by private people and are largely residential. In terms of traffic, roads have more traffic considering the nature of public interest they attract as compared to the streets.

Roads are indeed vast and large in size hence finding places or indeed locating addresses along it may take time. In the case of a street which is relatively smaller, location of points is easy and fast. The other characteristic of a street that is associated by its nature of having huge numbers of people using it on foots is the presence of numerous markets selling different products. As for roads, the main things that are common apart from public interest buildings are largely trees.


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