Rock Band 1 vs. Rock Band 2

Difference Between Rock Band 1 and Rock Band 2 Rock Band 1 and Rock Band 2 are sequels…

Difference Between Rock Band 1 and Rock Band 2

Rock Band 1 and Rock Band 2 are sequels of the original Rock Band music video game. Players have to with compete with the original compositions and have to match with them and they get scores the basis of their ability to synchronize with the musical notes in the original compositions. Players can play different instruments like guitar and drums and up to four players can play with Rock Band 2. There are significant differences between these two versions which will be highlighted in this article to allow buyers to make an informed decision.

The largest difference between the two games is that the drums are now without wires, which is a great relief for the players. Rock Band 2 is backward compatible which allows you to get content from 2 and can download content of Rock Band 1 too.

The strummer is as it was in a pop group, although it is more rigid now. The fret buttons have been modified to provide a better direction. As far as exteriors are concerned, the Rock band 2 attractive faux wood finish. New wireless drums have a pedal kick reinforced seems stronger than it was in Rock Band 1 and drum pads are also far more sensitive. Target spank in the centre ensures that the player does not hit on the edges but only at centre. Wireless drums ensure that inept drummers do not trip over the coffee tables around.

Another difference is that players have the ability to make a custom character that can play all the instruments unlike the one in Rock Band 1 which could be set to play just 1 specific instrument. Rock band 2 has two more songs online to play and you also get to play all the songs that you had in Rock band1

Rock band 2 also has Drum Trainer mode which lets beginners to acclimate and improve their ability to play drums. Rock band 1 only had one practice mode on songs for the players.

In conclusion, we can say that those who have had an opportunity to play both the bands are of the opinion that the instruments in Rock band 2are quieter than Rock band 1. It is easy to play instruments on Rock band 2 than rock band 1 because of the enhanced springiness and flexibility of the drums and guitars


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