Rock vs. Blues

Difference between rock and blues Rock and blues are basically two types of music genres that have enjoyed…

Difference between rock and blues

Rock and blues are basically two types of music genres that have enjoyed a proud and cherished history among different generations of people. The basic difference between the two types of music can only be analyzed through listening of either in a very keen manner. Although the flames of rock music had already started to be sparked in blues and country music in the early 1920s, the popularity of the genre and consequent growth stems back from 1950.

To many, rock was seen as a blend of different types of music such as blues, country and jazz as well as gospel music. Although the modern nature of rock involves the use of electric guitar, drums and bass, the evolutionary nature of the music from generation to generation has made it even more difficult to have a standard definition of rock music.

The origin of blues on the other hand was widely witnessed in the post slavery era where a combination of spirituality and drum music generated a genre of music that was credited to Africa and in this case African  – American citizens. The modern version of the music has combined the use of a series of notes in a 12 bar structure which has even made it popular and better.

The basic comparisons between rock music and blues can be drawn by analyzing the style used by each as well as the impact each had on its listeners. As it is widely viewed as the creator of enigma in terms of defying the conservative social norms and bringing forth obscene styles and dances, rock music further went on to form a strong pillar from which other music genres evolved. As for blues, their main aim was to express the urge for liberation from slavery and hence the music was characterized by a somber mood which in turn contributed to the soothing nature of the songs. Blues also made profound inventions in instruments as it widely used a diversified array of instruments such as piano, violin and saxophones. All the same the entire music genre formed a very important pillar of music growth in the world.


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