Romans vs. Greeks

Difference between between the Romans and Greeks The common misunderstanding of who the Romans and the Greeks were…

Difference between between the Romans and Greeks

The common misunderstanding of who the Romans and the Greeks were is common and admittedly very annoying. As the names would suggest, one obvious factor that will certainly differentiate the two is the fact that the Romans lived in Rome while the Greeks home was in Greece. In line with popular belief, the Greek way of life or culture was relatively ancient as compared to that of the Romans. Greeks were indeed great sculptors who graced their art pieces with beauty which the Romans could not have matched. In terms of mythological figures, the Romans and their Greeks counterparts seemed to have a common approach although it has to be mentioned that the Greek appreciation of nature which was reflected by the remarkable quest by Greek philosophers to understand nature was indeed a very unique characteristic.

As opposed to the Greeks, the Romans were nature sadist. In other words they held little appreciation of the beauty of nature to an extent where roman legends and stories barely had animal characters. The Greek on their part were motivated by their appreciation of nature and consequently used a good number of animal characters in their legends and stories.

Although it is widely accepted that the Roman art of building architecture was absolutely exotic compared to that of the Greeks, many Greeks were endowed with a good deal of building techniques as well as proficient skills in mathematics contrary to the Romans who in little words were nowhere in sight. As we had noted in the introductory part of the article, the culture of the Greeks was older than that of the Romans.

In terms of gods and goddesses, the Greeks had Ares as their god of war while the Romans had Mars as their god of war and fertility as well. According to the Greeks, Ares was strong and powerful in nature. Another sticking distinction between the two is basically the fact that the Romans have named their gods after stars and planets while the Greeks have alienated from this fact.

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