Rome vs. Greece

Difference between Rome and Greece Rome and Greece are two tourist destinations in Europe that have very distinctive…

Difference between Rome and Greece

Rome and Greece are two tourist destinations in Europe that have very distinctive features when close examined. In both of these each has its own qualities that may best suite you when you are making that lifetime decision about your family or individual holiday vacation. This excerpt is therefore meant to reduce the time you need to make your decision by providing you with exact information about these two magnificent ancient towns.

Time of Visit

The climate in Greece is very much friendly at any time of the year.  However the months of May and June are the best time to visit Greece. The months of September and October are also nice to visit; this is the season when the country’s most parts have flourished. Keep also in mind that there is limited access in winter due to closing of the smaller islands during this season.

Rome almost enjoys equivalent peak season as Greece, but its summer season can be associated to extreme hotness and dryness.  The winter season here is quite favorable a bit, even though it can be wet due to the rains that are experienced in this period of the year. Chilly nights are also experienced, so heavy clothing is much advisable.

Sites to Visit

Greece is rich in various attractive sites and things that are associated with its ancient culture. It has very many bars, entertainment grounds and various modern restaurants. The natural beauty of the country is nicely spread all over.  Greece poses   some nice features that are worth well coming and friendly to have a look at.

Rome has everything that you can think of, ranging from the ultra-modern nightclubs and bars and the rich cultural attractions of the city. The city houses most magnificent museums, monuments and ruins and some of most stunning sights in the world. All these are found here in Rome.

Things to be Keen of

Crime occurrences are rare in Greece however a number of bars have been reported to mishandle tourists. Be aware of locals who may invite you and then they spend heavily. These bills are then forwarded to you for payment. These kinds of bars are situated in Athens and if possible do away with them.

Rome is known with theft. Pick pocketing and snatching I s common in Rome. Women also in the streets pose a big challenge. They are known to beg for money with their heavy follow up of children behind them. These are the kinds of incidences that you should stay away and be keen of while in Rome.

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