Room Cooler vs. Desert Cooler

Difference Between Room Cooler and Desert Cooler Coolers prove to be very effective in doing away with high…

Difference Between Room Cooler and Desert Cooler

Coolers prove to be very effective in doing away with high temperatures in case of very dry as well as hot summers. These coolers, by working on the formula of evaporative cooling, bring the temperature inside a room down to levels that are manageable. Since these do not make use of as much electricity as the air conditioner units, they are not an expensive way to lower temperatures. Coolers air are known by many names like swamp cooler, desert cooler and room cooler that keep functioning all throughout the day and along the same lines  and involve evaporation of water to help in the cooling.

In a cooler, a water pump circulates water from a reservoir to all three sides (a fan is fitted to the fourth one) that are filled with absorbing material (hay or wooden grass). When the grass is wet, the air that is being thrown inside the room ends up losing its moisture, which helps in lowering the temperature of the room. When the air is sucked from the outside comes into contact with wet blocks on three sides of a bucket of ice, its temperature is lowered and is forced inside the room by forceful fan.

As the water evaporates from a water reservoir in the cooler, it reduces the temperatures (by the absorption of energy in the surroundings) and it feels cool and dry. But one drawback of desert coolers s that they work best when the outside air is hot and dry and not loaded with moisture which usually happens when humidity is high. The rate of evaporation of water in the desert cooler’s tank on a wet day is lower than it the days when the air is hot and dry.

Room coolers are another variety of coolers and they are kept inside the room instead of the coolers that fixed outside of a window and suck the air from the outside. As these are kept inside the room, they have a forcing fan rather than exhaust fan which is there in the window desert cooler. Also, the body of room coolers is made of a plastic body to make them appear more attractive and are placed on a trolley to help move around which cannot be done with the desert coolers.





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