Royal Wedding vs. Commoners Wedding

Difference between royal weddings and a commoners wedding As many of us will indeed think, weddings are just…

Difference between royal weddings and a commoners wedding As many of us will indeed think, weddings are just weddings or aren’t they? Well the whole concepts of weddings have its genesis from the institution of marriage which is arguably the most important rite of passage of any individual. Marriage refers to the union of two people in love. Traditionally marriages have taken the form of a man and a woman union although today gay marriages are actively practiced. The union of two members of the royal family in any country or even the union of a member of the royal family with a commoner is followed by what is called a royal wedding. As one of their basic characteristics, royal weddings involve a lot of glamour and publicity in and around the country concerned. The marriage between Prince Charles of the British monarch and Diana Spencer a commoner in a colorful ceremony in 1981 is a perfect example of a royal wedding. The wedding was watched by over 750 million people in the world. The recent wedding of Prince Williams still of the British monarch with Kate Middleton at Westminster abbey is also another example of a royal wedding. As for commoners, their marital unions are accompanied by a commoners wedding. Commoners are worth noting are people who do not belong to the royal family although some may have extreme power and wealth. Depending on culture, class and social setting, commoner’s weddings may take different forms although it has been widely observed that in most cases they are just a family affair that is conducted in places like churches, hotels and other open places. Religion is also widely upheld in commoners’ weddings as well as the application of entertainment such as poetry which enhances the glamour to some extent. Although a commoners wedding will never come near a royal wedding by any chance, some characteristic common to any wedding are shared by the two. The symbolic nature of the white dress and flowers to mean purity and freshness respectively is one uniting factor. Others include the ring and religious rituals. The difference between royal weddings and commoner weddings is basically based on the manner at which each is conducted. As opposed to a commoner wedding which will involve the use of the normal veiled white dresses, royal brides have a tailor made dress that is unique and opulent. Royal weddings have been observed to mark an important historical event in any country while commoner weddings are basically very obvious. The fact that royal weddings are globally celebrated also makes them different from commoner weddings which are simply a family affair. The glamour and publicity associated with royal weddings is immense compared to commoner’s weddings which have little publicity. Finally royal weddings evoke a sense of patriotism among the practicing nation’s citizens, something that a commoner wedding will not do. httpv://

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