Royal Wedding vs. Indian Wedding

Difference Between Royal Wedding and Indian Wedding Wedding ceremony is common to all cultures of the world. In…

Difference Between Royal Wedding and Indian Wedding

Wedding ceremony is common to all cultures of the world. In the past when there was royalty in India, weddings that were royal, used to be such an event used to be celebrated with a lot of grandeur  and show and citizens watched in bewilderment as they unable to afford such sumptuousness in their lives. But post independence all these royal states were made a part of the Union of India, Indian weddings are personal affair only attended by parents and friends and other close relatives. The recent marriage of Prince William in England has made people think about the differences among royal wedding and those that often occur in India. Let us take a closer look.

Indian wedding

In India, if a marriage occurs in a common family or family of an influential person, rituals that are performed when the actual ceremony takes place and that too in very formal manner. An expert (a pundit), who claims to be well acquainted with all the rituals, performs all the rituals and conducts the entire ceremony and a wedding is not complete until all these formal procedures are performed by an expert in the presence of all guests. Other events like dinner, dancing with the guests going to the house of the bride, the band playing on the road and other similar things which are not that mandatory but are not considered to be essential.

Royal Wedding

A royal wedding, as the one which occurred recently in England is an occasion when the royalty can mingle with common people and actually allow people to know that even the royal families are member of the same society and they are not someone who has come to above. The grandeur and pomp and show are very natural in such an event because they are rare while the Indian weddings are common and occur almost every day. A royal wedding is so important that people from all parts of the world are excited and curious to see what happens and how and so the entire ceremony was broadcast on television and the Internet almost a billion people watched the event at the their homes on computers.





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