RSS vs. RSS 2

Difference Between RSS and RSS 2 The web feeds are used for publishing (in a standard format) information…

Difference Between RSS and RSS 2

The web feeds are used for publishing (in a standard format) information about the frequent updates as new entries in blogs, breaking news and multimedia to its readers subscribed. The feeds are very important for the web publishers as they are able to automate the process of syndication. The web feed is important for readers because they do not need to keep track of updates manually. The web feed can aggregate a lot of feeds in one place. The web feed can be viewed by readers of feed (such as Google Reader). RSS (the Really Simple Syndication) is one of the formats of web feeds which are most popular and used today. RSS2  (RSS2. *) Is the latest version, which was the successor to its original RSS (RSS 1. *). The feed, the web feed and the channel are the other terms used to call an RSS document. The document consists of the RSS content or full summary with the metadata (date, author, etc.). Because a standard XML format is used for publications, it can be seen by many applications (after publishing just once).

What is RSS?

The versions-RSS 1 .* are commonly identifiable as RSS. RSS 0.90 was the first and original version and was brought into existence by the company- Netscape. In that time, RSS has represented RDF Site Summary. In the December of the year 2000, RSS 1.0 was introduced by RSS-DEV working group, which is sometimes identified as RSS (instead of an RSS. *). A final version viz. RSS 1.1, replaced RSS 1.0. Yet this has not been endorsed by the Working Group RSS-DEV.  XML namespaces have the RSS support. The foremost web feed that had launched a formal permission of carrying the audio files was RSS, that ultimately resulted the podcast attaining sudden and fast popularity.

RSS2 what?

RSS2 is a collection of different RSS editions recognized as RSS 2.*. Under this, RSS 0.91 is a simplified release by Netscape. Several other types of closely related versions are also present such as RSS 0.94, RSS 0.93 and2. RSS 0.92 etc are some of the other versions that are very closely related and were released in 2002,September.  It was renamed as Really Simple Syndication with this release. The type attribute (which was added in RSS 0.94) was removed in RSS 2.0. In addition, RSS 2.0 had began to support  namespaces. But support for namespace applies only to the other content available in RSS 2.0 feed (RSS 2.0, excluding items). This was done intentionally to preserve backward compatibility with RSS 1.*. The copyright of RSS 2.0 was allocated to Harvard in July of 2003. Around the same time, the RSS Advisory (a unit that holds the duty of maintaining the specification of RSS) was brought into exitence. RSS 2.0.1 introduced the major change in extension system with the use of namespaces in XML.

What is the difference between RSS and RSS2?

RSS2 introduced support for enclosures, which was absent in RSS. Because of this, RSS2 is a very popular podcasting feed. The use of RSS2 by iTunes, very recently, proves the above fact. But now, mod_enclosure, an enclosure extension, is available for RSS. The full text is not supported by RSS2, but markup of RSS is used as an extension. Unlike RSS, RSS2 holds up  entity-encoded HTML.



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