Rubicon vs. Wrangler

Difference Between Rubicon and Wrangler Auto giant Chrysler made the jeep since 1987 Jeep Wrangler, the Jeep model…

Difference Between Rubicon and Wrangler

Auto giant Chrysler made the jeep since 1987 Jeep Wrangler, the Jeep model that is as old as World War II. The wrangler is now in its fourth edition with the previous editions being JK, YJ, LJ, and TJ that been in vogue through the last 24 years with Chrysler. Rubicon is a model of wrangler that was started in 2003 by the company. Although a common man can barely tell the differences between the Rubicon and the wrangler, the features as well as design show stark differences and these will be pointed out in this article.

The jeep is a Sport Utility Vehicle that has four wheeled drive and is capable of driving. The jeep has exhibited his prowess and performance to people, even the army loves its capabilities since the Second World War. Still, Chrysler has named his Jeep as the ‘wrangler’ and preferred to give different editions with different initials, as YJ, LJ, TJ, and JK, but the version used in the military has been named as J8. One of the very famous Jeep Wrangler model is Rubicon, which received its name from trails in the mountains of Sierra Nevada, whose name finds its similarity with the Rubicon. Judging by his suspension, the Jeep did not overlook any detail to the heavy duty Rubicon and more robust than other wrangler pose. Those who have driven both  wranglers, as well as, Rubicon in all fields have no hesitation in saying that while the wrangler is unparalleled in road capacity SUV is perfect, it takes the Rubicon cake when it comes to the toughest  mountainous  terrain.

Rubicon has larger banks, tires, sheets of diamonds and so on to make and feel heavier. The most significant difference between a wrangler and a Rubicon is the fact that Rubicon rear differentials and locking front. Another difference is in the Dana 44 axle’s front and rear. It also has a dissimilar differential material (4:1) as Wrangler. By having larger wheels, the ride height of Rubicon is more than the wrangler. Thus, it is better in rough terrain and if you like driving on the road, Rubicon is of course a top of the Wrangler.



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