Rural vs.Urban Succession

Difference Between Rural and Urban Succession Transfer of land as a property to future generations in the name…

Difference Between Rural and Urban Succession

Transfer of land as a property to future generations in the name of succession plays a major role in the creation of new markets for the farmers (in the country zones) and the new businessmen in the urban zones. Certain sociologists speak country urban continuum to be broken with the country traditional urban fracture, but it is clear that as much as succession is concerned, it still yields a lot of difference in the country and urban zones. The difference in occupations, environment, size of groups and manner correlations take place in the country and urban zones. Let us concentrate on the succession of these two communities.

In last decades, owing to progress in means of transport (they became quick and easier) and of communication (Internet and mobile phones), the tendency of the massive migration of the country zones towards the urban zones has increased. With fewer available possibilities in the country rural areas and zeal to live a material life, more and more young persons head for cities, leaving behind them their ancestral occupation of agriculture. It creates a dilemma for the administration as well as the environmentalists because it changes the nature of succession in middle. How the agrarian lands can be used uninterrupted and the use of the agrarian land can be transmitted to the following generation to create new group of farmers is a critical problem not only for the country community but also for urban continuum as in country middle class in agriculture is essential and vital for the contentment of the food needs of the urban population.

Speaking about some changes of succession in the urban zones, there are flats and commercial zones built over ancestral ownership in the urban zones, it not reason to panic because it do not result in environmental changes. Nevertheless, the no use of the agrarian lands sends alarm in the governmental circles because it can change the environment, ecology, and food chain which are affected in long term.


Lot of debates concerning country succession at present for the agrarian lands is under for the rest unused lands, instead of passing on to generations to come. This is owed to a tendency of the country population which is attracted towards other occupations. More agrarian lands are sold which is not good news for the administration because it affects the same ecology and environment and can lead to scarcity of the food in the food cahin.

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