Samsung Galaxy Note vs HTC One X

Difference between Samsung Galaxy Note and HTC One X   If you seek size, then you better look…

Difference between Samsung Galaxy Note and HTC One X


If you seek size, then you better look into these two. Both are big smartphones but we will tackle each ones differences for you to easily decide on which one you should get.

Design and Performance

First of all, both are literally smartphones but the Samsung Galaxy Note has it’s unique features. It is truly fascinating that you get not just a phone but a tablet as well. The Galaxy Note has a 5.3”-screen which is so close to a tablet if you notice. It is not just your typical smartphone that you put in your pockets or either put near your ears when answering a call. Most users of this gadget have Bluetooth headsets when they answer calls. It is powered on an Android 2.3 GingerBread unlike the newest version which is 4.0 called the ICS or Ice-Cream Sandwich. Although its size is so distinctive, you may be surprised because of its light-weight. Not like the tablet wherein you need to use both hands, but even you can carry it with one hand, it is still best to use it with its custom stylus called the S-Pen with your other hand. The Samsung Galaxy Note is indeed fast thanks to the dual core 1.4GHz processor it runs with. Also, it has onboard memory which can either be 16GB or 32GB and a microSD slot wherein you can add another 32GB or memory making it simply awesome!

Now with the HTC One X, it is not far from the Samsung Galaxy Note for it also has a wide screen of 4.7”. Not bad right? Compared to the Note, this one can fit just right in your large pocket. Well, if you want a handy HTC smartphone then you might rather go for the HTC One S. HTC has also been changing some stuff, they’re now more on some sleeker designs. Unlike the Note, there is no microSD slot available on HTC One X although it has a 32GB onboard memory, people would still prefer having large storage capacities like that of the Note and iPhone 4S which doubles it since playing HD Movies and playing games as well are superb to do with this phone.


The Samsung Galaxy Note has an 8-megapixel camera in its back incorporated with a LED Flash and can zoom in 4x. It can also shoot full HD videos up to 1080p/30 fps and at its front is a 2-megapixel camera for video calling. The HTC One X declares a draw with the back camera. Whats disappointing is that the front camera is only 1.3-megapixels.

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