Samsung Galaxy Player 4 vs. Galaxy Player 5

Difference Between Samsung Galaxy Player 4 and Galaxy Player 5 The Galaxy family of portable devices has welcomed…

Difference Between Samsung Galaxy Player 4 and Galaxy Player 5

The Galaxy family of portable devices has welcomed two new members in the family. Samsung Galaxy Player 4 and Galaxy Player 5 are the newest members which are powered by Android 2.2 Frovo. Both these phone are similar to Samsung Galaxy S phone and the only difference that you can notice are the 3G internet access and the calling functions. Both of these are Wi-Fi enabled devices and this allows you to get internet access and VOIP calling facility.

These phones are called Samsung Galaxy S Wi-Fi because these are Wi-Fi enabled and you can use it for accessing internet and making calls through VOIP. Powered with 1GHz Hummingbird processors and Android 2.2 Froyo platform, these players have Samsung Touchwiz user interface. Both of these have dual cameras and they support Bluetooth. If you want to use these as a tablet or even an iPad then you can simply get a wireless broadband plan from doodle or modem.

These players are fully capable of supporting CISCO Jabber and once you install it, you will be able to access corporate directory and calling. You can also check and configure emails. These players from Samsung have the capability of affecting Apple iPad and other Tablets in the market because even a basic android phone that has 3 or 4G along with Wi-Fi facility is capable of providing almost all the services and applications that you expect to use a tablet for.

These players have been embedded with all those features which can make you leave your desktop at least for checking mails, making calls through Skype, accessing Facebook, checking mails etc. These are more convenient to use and easy to handle and offer all this along with mobility. Apple iPod touch and Apple iPads are sure to face some tough competition from these Samsung players.

Some of the differences between Samsung Galaxy Player 4 and Galaxy Player 5:

  1. The size of the display in Player 4 is of 4 inches and that in Player 5 is of 5 inches.
  2. Player 4weighs only 5 oz while the weight of Player 5 is 7 oz.
  3. Camera flash is not there in Player 4 while it is there in Player 5.

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