Samsung Galaxy S vs. Galaxy SL

Difference Between Samsung Galaxy S and Galaxy SL Over the years, Samsung has indeed continued to enjoy its…

Difference Between Samsung Galaxy S and Galaxy SL

Over the years, Samsung has indeed continued to enjoy its share of success in the Smartphone industry all thank to its innovative and breathtaking Smartphone inventions that have been associated with the company. In 2011 the company was at it again; it welcomed to the market the Galaxy SL, a Smartphone model that has left many speechless. Although the spectacular nature of the Galaxy SL was subject to some skeptic analysis on the context that it was just a follow up similar to the Galaxy S, the questions about their differences and similarities cannot be ignored. What this article will do is that, it will try to refute or indeed ascertain claims of whether the Galaxy SL was just a new slightly improvised Version of the Galaxy S that has no major distinction.

The very first point of comparisons between the two models is in terms of size and dimension. For the Galaxy SL the dimension used is observed to be thicker than the Galaxy S by about 0.6 mm. this indeed distinguishes the models to some extent. Another point that is important we observe is the fact that in Galaxy SL, the LCD display which is more advanced and clear has replaced the relatively brighter super AMOLED screen that is associated with the Galaxy S. Rumor has it that the periodic shortfall in production of super AMOLED screens is what motivated the company to look into the option of LCD screens more seriously.

The other factor that one may argue holds no weight in particular considering that Galaxy SL was manufactured in more modern eras compared to Galaxy S is the difference in processors. The Galaxy SL has put to use the Android 2.2while the Galaxy S utilized the Android 2.1. The remarkable weight of the Galaxy SL compared to that of Galaxy S which is mainly due to the former’s more powerful and heavier battery compared to the latter’s relatively smaller battery in terms of weight and power is also a reasonable comparison. The other differences can be manifested in the ability of the Galaxy SL to conduct Video calls due to its front camera; the ability is not present in the Galaxy S. so indeed there distinct differences that make the Galaxy SL better than its predecessor the Galaxy S.


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