Samsung ST500 vs. ST550

Difference Between Samsung ST500 and ST550 Both ST500 and ST550 are great digital cameras from Samsung which are…

Difference Between Samsung ST500 and ST550

Both ST500 and ST550 are great digital cameras from Samsung which are world’s first dual LCD screen cameras. These Cameras have front LCD screens which will allow you to take great self portraits, which was not possible with most of the earlier digital cameras.

You can simply stretch your arm and take a look at yourself in the front LCD and click for that perfect picture. You don’t need anyone else to click your picture anymore. You would simply enjoy clicking pictures with these digital cameras.

Both these phones have 12.2 MP lens and 4.6X zoom. You would be happy with gesture based control and image stabilization feature that you get in these cameras. You need not even click a single button to start the slideshow of the images. You simply tilt it in one direction and slide show begins automatically. Accelerometer and SmartGesture user interface will make photography so much of a fun activity.

You can register as many as 20 faces to make use of the face recognition feature. These are capable of working as your camcorder and you can shoot long videos. In these phones you do not have to click for taking a picture. It takes pictures automatically after detecting smiles.

If you are getting confused between these two then here is a list of differences between them:

  1. ST 550 has HDMI connectivity while ST 500 does not.
  2. ST 550 has larger screen of 3.5 inches while ST 500 has 3 inches screen.
  3. ST 550 offers as 1152k colors while only 230k with ST 500.
  4. ST 550 weighs 165.7 grams which is more than ST 500 which weighs 149 grams.
  5. ST550 is little thicker than ST500.
  6. ST550 is available in Black, purple, gold and orange colors while ST500 is available in blue, red and silver.
  7. ST 500 costs you $349.99 while ST 500 costs almost $50 lesser and is priced $299.99.


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