Samsung ST500 vs. ST550

Difference between Samsung ST500 and the ST550 The Samsung ST500 and the ST550 are basically as many of us…

Difference between Samsung ST500 and the ST550

The Samsung ST500 and the ST550 are basically as many of us will identify as type of cameras with two LCD screens. What this two types of exotic cameras that are digital in nature have done is that, they have been developed in the primary realm of providing an efficient and state of the art method of developing high quality self photos or pictures. With the popularity of social networking sites, the need of having a quality picture on our profiles is arguably made possible by the front LCD screen that is found in these products from Samsung.

It is also important to note that these are one of a kind invention that is yet to be witnessed elsewhere. With the double camera fun associated with the two models, the days when one had to persuade close individuals and relatives to help them take a picture of themselves are now gone, the late invention is indeed a life rewarding idea and to many people, their images in all state of moods can be taken any time any day.

The most common characteristic of the two cameras is their 12.2Megapixels lens that comes with a 4.6X Zoom as well as the gesture control system and the exotic image stabilizing features. The most amazing attribute of the cameras again is their ability to immediately start a slide show of your pictures when tilted in the direction of the prospective viewer without necessarily pressing or activating any control.

For protection purposes, the inbuilt smart face recognition feature will only allow you to view the slides of pictures of specifically registered friends that can reach up to twenty friends. The fact that the cameras can record for a long period HD recordings will ultimately save you the complexities of always carrying your camcorder in any active recording sessions. The automated nature of the cameras is what sells them to people, the fact that they can take a picture without necessarily being controlled makes them even more special.


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