Samsung VS Sony – Can’t Decide Whether to Buy a Samsung LED or a Sony Bravia?

Two of electronics’ masterminds, Sony and Samsung have done it once again. They have once more set a…

Two of electronics’ masterminds, Sony and Samsung have done it once again. They have once more set a high standard in aesthetics, quality and features. They have once more surpassed their competitors as they have taken the existing electronics technique and given it their own twist. Samsung has released the LED and Sony as released the Bravia. Let’s see which product has the better features.

Great Quality

Quality is the number one priority of both Sony and Samsung and when it comes to these two LCD panels, that’s just what you should expect. Though they are both the same product both companies has tweaked their design to make the product unique. The Samsung LED has been given a unique crystal black design that capitalizes on a professional yet chic look to back up its aesthetic quality. The Sony Bravia, on the other hand, is presented in a dark one of black that creates a simple yet professional look. The Bravia is just a bit heavier at 42lbs than the LED that weighs just about 37lbs. Their flexibility in positioning is yet another similarity as both panels can either be mounted on a wall or placed on a stand.

Are there any differences in features?

Samsung and Sony, although two separate entities, both have the same goal, to provide the most innovative product in today’s market. Due to this they both have different features that set them apart. The Sony Bravia, for example, has a built in menu that allows you to change the language settings as well as the quality and resolution of the display. The Samsung LED, on the other hand, has features such as noise reduction, tone adjustment, gamma controls, color variation, auto volume, sleep timer, auto channel search, Teletext and power off. Where energy consumption is concerned,  the Bravia comes out on top as it  has a run time of 170W and above while the LED uses up to 240W. This is evident even in standby mode.

Are they really quality products?

It is evident that they are both good looking panels but is that enough to make you want to buy it? When purchasing a TV, its quality is the most vital determining factor for purchase. These two electronic giants, however, appear to have it packed as the picture quality of these two products are excellent.

Similarities and Differences

The Sony Bravia and Samsung LED are identifiers that these two companies have made it their duty to give their customers exactly what they want. They have ensured that the quality of the of the two panels match the cost but it is safe to conclude that the Bravia has taken the lead as:

  • It uses less power to provide an extensive list of features which in the long run, helps their customers save money.
  • The Sony Bravia has succeeded in achieving perfection in aesthetics, features, capability and power consummation. Making the product an excellent buy.
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