San vs. Nas Storage Network

Difference Between San and Nas Storage Network They key difference that pops out between the two storage systems…

Difference Between San and Nas Storage Network

They key difference that pops out between the two storage systems SAN and NAS is the price and intricacy in the usage of the storage system. Our ways of living have improved a great deal and it has become easier to live with the advancements in technology. Comparing today’s world with history, we can clearly see that present world is a digital world. Our needs and requirements of storage and processing data are fulfilled by the help of these advancements in technology.


SAN is the short form for Storage Area Network. It is a storage device used for storing data on disks directly attached to servers. These are specifically made in a way that they can accommodate bulk data transfers. To accomplish this SAN connects the main storage disk with several server systems. Storage handling becomes a lot easier with SAN. It helps in saving time and enhances storage capacity utility. Fiber channel fabrics are used that help in the purpose of storage requirements. SAN is quicker than other devices and can be depended upon.


NAS stands for Network Attached Storages. These remote storage devices are cheaper and a lot simpler in usage than others. With the use of NAS, there is reduction in server and connectivity costs. For security, better enactment, quick data access, simple alignment NAS is the best option. It is the most suitable and appropriate form of data storage.


The key differences that show up include the low price of NAS as compared to SAN. Regarding file access, NAS consumes TCP/IP network protocol and NFS or CIFS applications. With NAS Network attached storage management is simpler to what it is for SAN. A huge magnitude of users can be accommodated using SAN which can’t be achieved by NAS, although it is definitely trying.

NAS possesses effectiveness in terms of regulation and liberating of data which can be moved to over huge expanses. So the chief differences come out to be the cost, difficulty in the consumption and operation of system of storage.

What we conclude from the above data is that in this world of fast changing technology, SAN and NAS are the best alternative when it comes to saving time, energy, wealth and services.


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