Sania Mirza vs. Maria Sharapova

Difference Between Sania Mirza and  Maria Sharapova Sania Mirza and Maria Sharapova are renowned tennis players and members…

Difference Between Sania Mirza and  Maria Sharapova

Sania Mirza and Maria Sharapova are renowned tennis players and members of Women’s Tennis Association. They are popular faces and brand ambassadors for many brands.

Maria Sharapova has been associated with Tagheur, Sony Ericsson and Clear Shampoo while Sania Mirza has been seen endorsing Tata Tea, Tata Indicom and Atlas Cycles. Sharapova is stronger player with better ranking and she defeated Sania Mirza in 2005 in the 4rth round of US open. Sania Mirza is world’s number 34 and a strong player who has shown consistent improvement in her game despite of injuries.

Sania Mirza began playing professionally in 2003. With an amazing start in India Fed Cup Team where she won the entire single matches and went to Wimbledon and won Girl’s Doubles Title. She is the first Indian woman player who played and won Grand Slams. She is the highest ranked Indian female player who managed to reach 4th round of US Open back in 2005.  She also won Double’s Title at the Australian Open with partner Mahesh Bhupathi who is also an Indian. She recently got married to Shoaib Mallik who is a Pakistani Cricket Player.

Maria Sharapova is a Russian Tennis player who has won 22 WTA titles and 3 Grand Slams and achieved number 1 ranking in WTA. She began playing professionally in 2001 when she was just 17 years old. Her first Grand slam victory by defeating Serena Williams who was a 2 time Wimbledon Champion. In 2005 she got the number one ranking but lost 3 grand slams in the finals subsequently. She won 2 more titles in 2006 US Open and the 2008 Australian Open. Her ranking dropped to number 5 because of a shoulder injury. She is a Goodwill Ambassador with United Nations Development Project.

Both these players have achieved lot of fame although Maria Sharapova has better statistics to support her strength as a player. Sharapova is 6ft 2in height which helps her in smooth serve while Sania Mirza is 5ft 7in height. Sharapova has won 3 Grand Sam titles while Mirza has won only 1 and that too in Mixed doubles category. Sharapova has lost 356 to 85 while Mirza has lost 219 to113. Sania Mirza’s achievements have got her acclaim as an Indian Muslim Women who has gone so far.

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