Sap vs. PeopleSoft

Difference Between Sap and PeopleSoft SAP and PeopleSoft are the Enterprise Resource Planning software applications. Many organizations around…

Difference Between Sap and PeopleSoft

SAP and PeopleSoft are the Enterprise Resource Planning software applications. Many organizations around the world use these applications to their ERP uses.  PeopleSoft is owned by Oracle Corporation whereas SAP is a company with origins in Germany.


PeopleSoft is an ERP software application provided by the PeopleSoft Corporation/ Oracle. Indiana University is provided with applications for the Student Information System and the System of Administration of human resources through the Oracle / PeopleSoft. The enterprise system in IBM has also used it and applications were used on the ES nodes. All this is in PeopleSoft environment.

PeopleSoft, being an ERP vendor, ha the ability to provide a number of software such as Higher Education, Customer Relationship Management or CRM, System Administration, Human Resource Management System,  Supply Chain Management, Project Administration, Human Resources, Materials management and others.

The Oracle user schema includes the PeopleSoft database. We call this schema as SYSADM and that consists of the objects that make up the PeopleSoft application. Support the PeopleSoft database the environments mentioned below are required:

• Database for Development

• Live production database

• PeopleSoft application database

• The Testing and environment of acceptance

• PeopleSoft delivered database

The workstation client can be connected to the PeopleSoft database in three different ways:

1. Using SQL * NET/Net8, a two step connection can be made with the Oracle RDBMS.

2. Using server for 3-tier Tuxedo application.

3. Connecting the web enabled PeopleSoft page by using 3-tier Tuxedo/Jolt combination.


SAP refers to System Application and Products. By using SAP, a centralized database is created for all applications that are currently used in an organization. All the work in the functional department of the organization is handled in a universal way by this application. SAP products are used by major companies like IBM and Microsoft in their businesses.

The first version of SAP was R / 2 and was used on mainframe architecture. SAP products generally focus on ERP (the Enterprise Resource Planning). The R / 3 system that includes SAP applications ease the management of assets, equipment, personnel, operations and cost accounting. This system can run on all major platforms and client-server model is used in this system.

Enterprise applications provided by SAP are:

• Store business information

• Advanced Planner and Optimizer

• Management of supply Chain

• Management of Human Resource

• Product Lifecycle Management

• Store knowledge of SAP

• management of Supplier relationship

• Customer Relationship Management

NetWeaver  is the latest technology offered by SAP. SAP products are especially designed by focusing large organizations. For small to mid-sized organizations, SAP All in One and SAP Business One is used.



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