Sapphire Vs. Ruby

Difference Between Sapphire And Ruby There is hardly a man who doesn’t know about sapphire and ruby. They…

Difference Between Sapphire And Ruby

There is hardly a man who doesn’t know about sapphire and ruby. They both fall in the category of gems but have fundamental differences between them. Surprisingly they are made of the same mineral called corundum.

The origin of the name:

The name “Ruby” comes from the Latin term “Rubeus”, meaning red.

“Sapphire” comes from the Latin word “saphirus” which means blue.

Colors and its significance:

Ruby is a gemstone that is red in color; made out corundum which is a mineral. Corundum is responsible for the red color of the chrome. Rubies have a darker and purple kind of shade, are less valuable than a bright red color one. Sometimes they are heated to enhance color. Giving it a high temperature changes Ruby permanently.

Sapphire has many hues. Sapphire comes in blue called blue sapphires; other colors are called fancy sapphires color. Corundum has the purest form of aluminum oxide, and also a bit of iron, chromium and titanium. These minerals are responsible for the colors like pink, green, purple and blue present in sapphires. Corundum of any color except red and pink and orange are called sapphires. Pink-orange called Padparadscha. They are also available in gray, black and brown colors. They can even turn colorless or white but when heated they turn gray.


Both sapphire and ruby are stones which measure very high on the scale of hardness. Both are tough and durable way, exceptionally popular with jewelry makers. The hardness of their material is almost equivalent to that of the  diamond.


Rubies of two carats are extremely rare. Natural stone has been wrong in them those with fewer defects valuable.

Artificial Rubies is failing and they are cheaper.

Padparadscha Sapphire is the most expensive, pink-orange sapphire. It is sometimes worth more than the highest-quality blue sapphires.

Sapphire is also finished, and they cost less than normal.


A Ruby used to make jewelry. The first laser was made of synthetic ruby.

1. Sapphires and Rubies are prepared with the same mineral called corundum. Chrome makes the red corundum termed as “Ruby.” Additives like iron, titanium and aluminum oxide provides a different color of the sapphire stones.

2. A Ruby used to make lasers and jewelry. Sapphire has many uses. They are commonly seen in watches, and used as semiconductors, lasers, and also to make high pressure window.

3. Rubies are scarcely found in comparison to sapphires.

4. Ruby is a July birthstone; sapphire is for September


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