Sata vs. Sata II

Difference Between Sata and Sata II SATA (SATA revision 1.0) and SATA II (SATA revision 2.0) are the…

Difference Between Sata and Sata II

SATA (SATA revision 1.0) and SATA II (SATA revision 2.0) are the first generation and second generation SATA interfaces. It was the serial advanced technology attachment (SATA), which replaced most of the previous industry standard parallel ATA (PATA), as a common mode interface disk drive in computers, at home and offices. SATA drives and controllers got popular, but soon there were up gradation and everyone moved to SATA II. It preserved all the basic features of SATA, but could reach almost the double of the speed of SATA. While SATA (SATA 1.5 Gb / s) could achieve a speed of data transfer up to 150 MB per second, SATA II (SATA 3 Gb / s) attains a speed of of 300 millibars / second which is maximum. There are other notable differences among SATA and SATA II are discussed below.

SATA II has the ability to support multiple devices. It takes advantage of the port multiplier that allows for the attachment of up to 15 SATA II devices to a line with only one SATA could be attached earlier. A great advantage with SATA II lies in its backward compatibility. If you wish to upgrade your motherboard then you can easily use SATA II if SATA has been used earlier. To ensure that you receive SATA II speeds, you must use a SATA II controller and cable for SATA II.

While SATA is faster than SATA, it does not mean you feel any improvement in the performance of your computer. You must remember that the speed of the SATA II is not the speed of the hard drive but it is the interface’s speed. If anything, you may notice the difference when the storage media based on flash. Upgrading to SATA II will make your computer ready for the future and it is advisable to use SATAII because there is no difference in the price of SATA I &II.



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