Satisfaction vs. Happiness

Difference Between Satisfaction and Happiness   Two English words that often cause confusion among people due to their…

Difference Between Satisfaction and Happiness


Two English words that often cause confusion among people due to their somewhat similar meanings are “Satisfaction and Happiness.” Actually, these two words are used in describing two different states.

Happiness is often described as the state of perfect bliss both in mind and heart, while satisfaction merely describes a state of contentment. There are still many ongoing debates as to the similarity of the two terms. This is because happiness, in a way, comes after contentment; thus satisfaction and happiness can be considered closely related. I think it’s safe to say that happiness can be the cause of satisfaction.

Many other definitions and connotations of the terms exist. Some even say that a person is not necessarily happy even if all his basic needs are satisfied. He would then desire and strive for more, and in doing such, he could ultimately prevent himself from being happy when he fails. This could also make lead to the loss of satisfaction. Hence, many thinkers believe that satisfaction does not really bring happiness to an individual’s mind.

It’s an established fact that both terms refer to states of mind. Poets and philosophers claim that one can enjoy satisfaction just by himself, whereas happiness is better shared with someone else. When you’re happy, you tend to share this and your happy experiences with the people around you, unlike satisfaction, which is better realized on your own. In these aspects, the vast difference between satisfaction and happiness can be observed.

Some claim that we can measure happiness, but not satisfaction. It means that happiness involves mortal experience while satisfaction concerns the unworldly experience. Certain philosophers say that when happiness becomes unworldly, you can become one with God. This principle lies in the core of monism belief.

Still, in modern society, the terms satisfaction and happiness often get interchanged.


Important Points:


  • Happiness and satisfaction both refer to states of mind.
  • Satisfaction is a state of complete contentment.
  • Happiness is a state of perfect bliss both in heart and mind.
  • Satisfaction is realized on your own while happiness is something to be shared with others.
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