Sativa vs. Indica

Difference Between Sativa and Indica Marijuana is an illicit drug known in many slang names. No matter the…

Difference Between Sativa and Indica

Marijuana is an illicit drug known in many slang names. No matter the term used, this illicit agent is clinically able to produce a mind altering state characterized by euphoria, trance- like state, numbness, hallucinations, impaired equilibrium, and changes in the metabolism and hormonal system.  For individuals who have a curiosity in the study of Illicit drugs and its sources, it would be interesting for them to know that Marijuana has two varieties being used to produce Marijuana. These two varieties are Indica and Sativa.

Despite the two plants being the subtypes of Marijuana, Indica and Sativa are different primarily in terms of effect, characteristics, and odour.




Indica is a variety of plant used to make marijuana. The plant typically looks like a shrub with its short stature and rounded appearance. It can usually be found in places like the Middle East, Central Asia and the Subcontinent. Indica sports leaves which are broad in appearance and its dark green and purple colours. Plantations of Indica have a characteristic pungent or foul smell.

This plant is usually utilised as a stress relieving agent since it is able to produce a sense of separation between the user and his or her environment. Also, Insomniacs can make use of this plant because of the tranquillity it produces which is particularly helpful in controlling their condition. Compared with Sativa, Indica is able to produce more potent hallucinations, euphoria, and the over- all sensation of “high” compared to Indica’s state of being “stoned”

Indica is more prolific than Sativa and can be found in more places throughout the world, it also grows much faster the Sativa.


Sativa is another variety of plant used in making marijuana. It is taller than the shrub- like Indica and can grow to an average of 8- 12 feet. The Sativa leaf is elongated, with light green and yellow coloration and has a sweet, fruit- like smell. This plant normally thrives in areas near the equator and can produce more intense effects compared to Indica with its ability to produce a sense of optimism and more euphoria and hallucinations.


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