Scaffold vs. Industrial Piercing

Difference Between Scaffold and Industrial Piercing Industrial piercing and Scaffold piercing are terms that refer to the piercing…

Difference Between Scaffold and Industrial Piercing

Industrial piercing and Scaffold piercing are terms that refer to the piercing of the body. The penetration of the body has become very popular these days among people who want to look different from others. This is similar to the body tattooing in the sense that the person who wishes make a style statement in sober way. It is also known as industrial penetration, Scaffold Piercing and Construction Piercing is a kind of body modification where you create holes and then wear the jewelry in these specially created special holes. This piercing is usually done at the top of the ear and then the two holes that are created are connected by placing a bar that runs through both holes.

We call the piece of jewelry that is worn by the person who goes for industrial piercing is known as barbell because it looks like a barbell used by weight lifters. This kind of piercing is different from the age old practice of creating holes in the lobes of the ear as its position is much higher on the ear in the cartilage instead of the softer tissues that are involved piercing the lobe of ear. Still, scaffold piercing or industrial piercing is much more painful than the traditional ear lobe piercing and also takes much longer to heal. If you have a desire to look different from others, you can go for this sort of piercing and show off specially made jewelry, but make sure to keep the area cleaned and disinfected until the time it heals completely.

Industrial scaffolding or piercing creates a pull between the two holes that have been made in the ear. When the person puts on a barbell he looks charming, which is why more and more people, especially women love the industrial piercing. This is because it imparts a look of a tribe that is very much liked by those who opt to get such a piercing. Some people drill a hole and then wait for some time so that it can heal and then create the second hole. It is important to continue wearing barbell especially designed for this penetration to reduce pressure on the cartilage created by the holes.

As the industrial penetration is more complex than piercing ear lobe and it is essential to have it done by a specialist in a studio. The artist marks the point to be pierced and sterilizes the ear and then makes use of some kind of specialized needle that is sterilized for the purpose of piercing the ear at these locations. You ear may bleed because of the big size of  the needle. Piercer inserts the piece of jewelry after cleaning these holes. More cleaning and care instructions must be followed by you so that your ear heals up in a short period.




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