School Life vs. College Life

Difference Between School Life and College Life   It is said that the best time of a person’s…

Difference Between School Life and College Life


It is said that the best time of a person’s life is when he is a student. Whether he/she is in a school or a college, the memories of student life are the sweetest of all. But there lies some difference between school life and college life because they mark different stages of a human life.

If we think back about the days we were in school and then we compare them with our time spent in college, we will realise the fact that school was a much more disciplined and stricter place than college. When a person goes to a school, he is just a naive child, unaware of the social etiquettes and manners, unaware of the basic discipline that has to be followed in the society. Initially he does not know how to read of write or even speak properly. School is where a very delicate brain of a child is moulded and refined i.e. the child is taught the basic manners to be followed, the ways to read and write, and the manner with which he is to communicate with address the people belonging to different age groups.  Person, in his school life has to abide too many strict rules and regulations, like being attentive during classes, coming to school on time, wearing a proper and clean uniform etc. Students are supposed to give several compulsory examinations during his school life, a regular report of which is sent to his/her parents. More emphasis is given to the studies as well as health development of the student, which involves activities like Quiz, Sports, Dramatics, elocution etc. Not many of cultural programmes are organised during the school life. Many a times, students are subjected to several strict punishments like standing outside the class or not allowing to enter the school etc, if they fail to abide by the set of rules framed by the school.

On the other hand, college life is much about leniency and enjoyment as compared to school life. In college, not much stress is given on the rules as far as the attendance and punctuality of the candidate is concerned. There is no such rule of wearing the same uniform to college, and as a result, college is the first exposure of an individual to the world of fashion and latest trends in the market. There however are some colleges who have strict rules relating attendance and dress code. College life is not all about examinations all throughout the year. In a college, one is expected to give one main exam, that to at the end of one year. In some colleges however, there are Three examinations taken every year, or two examinations taken every year. In college, many cultural programmes are organised all throughout the year, where students from different colleges participate in large numbers.

One tendency that is seen among people is that they cherish their school life much more than their college life because they do not have the tension of employment as well as clearing entrances for higher studies in school.


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