Scraping Vs. Mining

Difference Between Scraping And Mining Scraping is not another term for mining or vice versa. Scraping and mining…

Difference Between Scraping And Mining

Scraping is not another term for mining or vice versa. Scraping and mining are two completely different data collection programs and concepts. The two programs offer easy access to data which is unavailable or difficult to recover or gather. This is where the similarity begins and ends. The scraping software in fact helps to gather information and data, while the mining software collects the data and helps to analyze the gathered data. Both the software seems to be doing the same thing, but only an expert can tell the difference. Scraping Then and Now In the days gone by, when computers were first introduced people use to work on big and bulky computers that had green screens with only black text. The term ‘Screen Scraping’ dates back to those times. The characters on the screen were extracted using ‘Screen Scraping’ for analyzing. In today’s world the computer lingo has changed and the Screen Scraping of yester years is now referred to as Web Scraping, which is a term used for extracting or gathering information and data from various websites for analysis. Scraping technology makes it easy to gather specific data quickly and accurately as the computer programs are meant to ‘spin’ or ‘crawl’ on websites to draw data. This enables easy downloading of the text on to a spreadsheet or as a graph so that the data gathered can be later filtered and analyzed. What is Data Mining?

Data mining or Web Mining on the other hand is often described procedure which mechanically searches large caches of data for study and analysis the functional and constructive information same. The mining procedure however, is not simple and involves difficult algorithms which are based on statistical techniques as the specific from the use of The net scraping software and net mining software are both revolutionary and a pioneering attempt that make collecting a huge amount of information from a huge source relatively quick and hassle free. The programs on an individual platform offer ground—breaking and innovative solutions for individuals and organizations. The ease with which both the software search for comparable data, which normally does not show more than 50% of all the available information is the most innovative part of mining and scraping. The search can be specific and aimed at gathering precise and exact information. The mining and scraping software search for the data sift and analyze it before transferring it into functional context. The method offered by the scraping and mining software for collecting data is reliable, precise, quick, easy and cost effective. The data can be easily handled and studied. The software makes it easy to compare the data and the results, and come to a conclusion. Both the software has multiple users and can be used by government agencies to gather information and build statistics. The software is also ideal for the medical industry for studying data on illnesses etc and coming out with preventive measures.


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