Seasonique vs. Loseasonique

Difference Between Seasonique and Loseasonique Seasonique and Loseasonique are birth control pills that can be used by women…

Difference Between Seasonique and Loseasonique

Seasonique and Loseasonique are birth control pills that can be used by women for avoiding unwanted pregnancy. It will easier for you to choose one of these once you know the differences between the two.

How do Seasonique and Loseasonique work?

Seasonique extends the menstrual cycle and the women who use these pills start getting their periods only once in three months instead of the monthly periods. Women need to take these pills daily without missing any dose and the pills must be taken at same time daily. Loseasonique works by preventing ovulation. It thickens the mucus in Cervix and this changes the uterine lining. This makes it tougher for the sperm to reach uterus and fertilize the egg. These pills also change the monthly schedule of the menstrual cycle and make it tri-monthly.

Both these pills contain progesterone and estrogen and have same side effects like breast tenderness, change in appetite, bleeding, spotting, headaches and vomiting. If you face any of these problems then you must consult your gynecologist.


The dose of these pills remains same for all the women irrespective of their age and health conditions. The ingredients of these pills are same but the proportion differs slightly. You must not smoke if taking these pills because it can lead to cardio vascular troubles. Loseasonique is simply a lower dose version of Seasonique because the concentration of hormones in Loseasonique is lesser than Seasonique. These pills are not advised for pregnant women and the women who have just had a baby.

You should continue your older birth control pill along with Seasonique when you are starting with it. You body takes time to adapt to it and this is where your older pill can work as backup and reduce the risk of pregnancy. Women suffering from uterine cancer, breast cancer, vaginal bleeding, high blood pressure, circulation problems and migraine must not use these pills.

Ethinyl estradiol and levonorgestrl are generic names of Seasonique. You can find these pills under different brand names like Quasense, Jolessa and Seasonale.

It is seen that Seasonique doesn’t work with some medications and this is why you must consult your doctor before starting using it.

Just 1 pill daily can keep you away from risk of unwanted pregnancy. In case you forget a dose then take 2 pills the next day at the same time.


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