Seeds vs. Bulbs

Difference Between Seeds and Bulbs Seeds and bulbs are parts of the plants which help them in reproducing.…

Difference Between Seeds and Bulbs

Seeds and bulbs are parts of the plants which help them in reproducing. Both these are found in different types of plants.

Seeds are the embryos of the plant and are formed after pollination. Seeds are covered with seed coat. Seed formation is the last stage in the process of plant reproduction and after this the seeds are distributed by different channels naturally or by human beings. Seeds can be sprayed by air, rains, water currents or human beings spread it for their use. Plants that reproduce through seeds are annual, biennial, or perennial.

The plants which grow under the ground are generally called bulbs like potatoes, ginger etc. Bulbs contain the life cycle of a plant. A plant which reprocess through bulbs dies in adverse conditions like winters and these bulbs remain dormant but alive under the ground. When the conditions turn favorable, new plants grow out of these bulbs.

Differences between seeds and bulbs are given below for better understanding of the two:

  • A plant generally dies after producing seeds while this is not so in case of bulbs. Bulbs are continuously alive.
  • Seeds wait for favorable conditions to germinate while bulbs are already alive and they give rise to the new plan in their season.
  • Seeds do not need too much of care while bulbs need to be planted with care else they may not survive.
  • Plants which grow out of seeds may be annual, biennial, or perennial but plants which grow out of bulbs are perennial.

The difference between seeds and bulbs is because these are two different categories of plants otherwise both are essential for the plants to grow and propagate.

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