Self Esteem vs. Self Efficacy

Difference Between Self Esteem and Self Efficacy Before  knowing self esteem and self efficacy,one should know the diference…

Difference Between Self Esteem and Self Efficacy

Before  knowing self esteem and self efficacy,one should know the diference between esteem and efficacy.Esteem is like having pride or over confidence in one own self.Efficacy is the your own view about your capability to do somthing.

Self esteem

People having self esteem are like having  over confidence in one own self.Such people think that the things they do or the way they follow is the best. Its like an appraisal of one’s own worth.A  person having sSelf esteem  treats other people as inferior to them.They have a problem of believing that they are the best. Self Esteem can not bemeasured but you can tell whether a person has a high self esteem or low self esteem.A persons  behavior and reaction to his environments,is a thing that can be seen and told.

People having high self esteem always like to listen to their qualities from other people.They feel proud to hear all this.Its like a mirror image of ones own personality that a person has in himself.  People having high self esteem have a good self image and such people believe that they are good in every aspect of life.They keep themselves in front row of their confidence.They have the strong belief that they are the best in evey area.Such people don’t like to be guided by anyone and like to do things as their own.

However, those having a low self esteem are the people who are low in confidence.Despite being beautiful or intelligent ,they don’t have that X-factor in themselves.They are nervous,shaky , shy, introvert, and non competitive. Such people believe others to be better than they are. Low self esteem people lack in evey field.They think themselves to be loosers in evey field.They don’t even try to do better than the usual because of lack of confidence.

People having high self esteem think positive and try to achieve as much as they can from life and live life to the fullest  .But people having low confidence are cowards like and don’t try even to fight with the situations.Such people develop negative feelings and create an atmosphere of depression for others also.  They are not ready to face the challenges of life.

Self efficacy:

Self efficacy is a concept related to self esteem. It was introduced by Albert Bandura.

It is the capability of a person to do something.The way he faces the situations in life,how does he handles a crucial matter or a difficult task.Its like a strong belief in your own ability to do succeed against all odds.

A person may not know a particular work but that does not mean he looses his esteem. Self esteem is a permanent internal feeling while self efficacy is a feeling that depends upon the performance at hand. Efficacy depends on how you handle a particular situation at a particular point of time.

Efficacy is more spontaneous in nature while esteem is permanent in nature.


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