Sharepoint vs. Sharepoint Server

Difference Between Sharepoint and Sharepoint Server SharePoint and SharePoint server are products of Microsoft.  Let us know more…

Difference Between Sharepoint and Sharepoint Server

SharePoint and SharePoint server are products of Microsoft.  Let us know more about these products and then find out the differences between them.



  • It is a platform developed by Microsoft which is for web applications.
  • It is fit for all sizes of organizations and can meet their variety of business website needs.
  • It has many commercial and free products for supporting managing and hosting of whole host of the web applications.
  • This works as centralized web solution and replaces multiple web applications.
  • It is capable of managing documents and web content.
  • It can also manage different kinds of environments like websites, portals, intranets and extranets, social networking spaces, file and content management systems and collaboration environments.
  • It is capable of providing support to multiple organizations because of its high scalability by its server farms.
  • It is free except some commercial products.
  • It offers lot of options for changing configurations and customization. For example, file-storing, installing third party widgets and page editing.
  • All the products are based on SharePoint Foundation platform which is a free product with core functionality of commercial products.

Microsoft SharePoint Server and Microsoft SharePoint Enterprise edition are other products in this category. Microsoft SharePoint Server is commercial extension to SharePoint Foundation while Microsoft SharePoint Enterprise is commercial extension to SharePoint Server.

SharePoint Server

As mentioned above, it is a commercial product of Microsoft SharePoint family.

  • It has core functionality of SharePoint Foundation platform.
  • Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 is its latest version.
  • SharePoint Server works on Microsoft IIS web server.
  • It can host a variety of web applications like database management, file sharing, online social networks and web publishing applications.
  • It can also manage various environments like portals, website, file management systems, online collaboration environments etc.
  • It needs external database such as Microsoft SQL Server.
  • It has additional features such as targeting audiences, routing, advanced search, tagging for social content etc.

SharePoint and SharePoint server are not different from each other rather SharePoint server is just a commercial product of SharePoint family.


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