Shia Vs. Sunni Marriage

Difference Between Shia And Sunni Marriage To a person who looks at the Muslim community from the outside,…

Difference Between Shia And Sunni Marriage

To a person who looks at the Muslim community from the outside, the word Shia and Sunni doesnot hold much importance as for him a Muslim is a Muslim only. But for a Muslim, these two words do matter a lot. Shia and Sunni are two different sects of the Muslims.

A Muslim marriage is really fun to be a part of. However, several differences do exist between a Shia marriage and a Sunni marriage as there are varied differences between the beliefs, customs and religions of the two sects.

In case of a Sunni marriage, it is compulsory that for consultation, two adult males should be there all throughout the marriage ceremony to be the witnesses. The same, however, is not applicable in the case of divorce. In case of a Shia marriage, no witnesses are required during the marriage, while the same need to be there during the divorce.

A Shia marriage asks for the public recital of all the 6 verses while there is no such compulsion in the Sunni marriage, due to which, A Sunni marriage is a much shorter affair as compared to the Shia nikah. In a Shia marriage both the bride and the groom have to go through a special ceremony related to bath which does not exist in case of Sunni marriage.

That marriage is nothing but an arrangement which is temporary is believed in the Shia marriage while marriage is a very permanent unbreakable bond in case of the Sunnis. This means that the Shias enter the marriage with a pre-decided date of termination of the marriage which can be baseless only if the couple wants to be together even after that time. Divorces are few in the Shias due to this reason only.


  1. Shia marriage requires public recital of 6 verses but Sunni marriage doesnot and so Shia marriages are much longer than the Sunni ones
  2. The bride and the groom have to pass through a ceremony relating to bath which is not present in case of Sunni marriage
  3. Two adult male witnesses are required as witnesses in case of the Sunni marriage which are not required in case of Shia marriages.
  4. Sunni’s need witnesses during the divorce sessions.
  5. Shia marriages have a pre-decided life span while Sunni marriages are somewhat more permanent.
  6. Divorce rates are much lower in the Shia marriages than in Sunni because after the pre-decided span of time, the couple are free to separate out or stay together which is not the case in the Sunni marriages.


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