Silver vs. German Silver

Difference Between Silver And German Silver Silver is a precious metal with a wide variety of uses. It…

Difference Between Silver And German Silver

Silver is a precious metal with a wide variety of uses. It has been valuable for thousands of years not only for its decorative qualities but also as a metal for coins. In more recent times, people have found many more uses for this soft, white metal.

Silver has become important in making photographic film, welding alloys, and electrical contacts. It is used in purifiers that keep water safe to drink. It is part of a cream used to heal skin burns. It is used on huge curved mirrors that collect sunlight, which is then changed to electricity and heat energy. If a silver compound is added to the water in a vase of cut flowers, the growth of bacteria will be prevented, and the flowers will last longer.

German Silver, any of a group of silver-colored copper-based alloys, which are also known as nickel silver. These alloys contain no silver—their name is derived from their silver color, which is imparted by nickel. Silver-plated ware generally consists of German silver that has been electroplated with a coating of pure silver. German silvers are also used in ornamental hardware, costume jewelry, valves, rivets, springs, and plumbing fixtures. A typical German silver contains about 66% copper, 17% nickel, and 17% zinc. Other German silvers also contain small amounts of tin and lead.



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