Skype 2 X vs. Skype 3 0 For Iphones

Difference Between Skype 2 X and Skype 3 0 For Iphones By early 2010 Skype 2 for iPhones…

Difference Between Skype 2 X and Skype 3 0 For Iphones

By early 2010 Skype 2 for iPhones was launched which could be called only from 3Gand Wi-Fi connection. Only voice calls and IMs are supported by this version. By the middle of 2010 calls were enabled between Skype users Skype version 2. On 30th December 2010, latest version was launched by Skype which could support video calling of good quality in landscape or portrait mode.

Skype 3.0 for iPhones

One is able to share precious moments through this version if one is connected through 3G or Wi-Fi using iPhone or iPad. One can share videos from anywhere in the world to mobile, desktop, notebook or iPad users. Video calling can be made from front or back camera in any mode. A two was video call can be achieved by users on iPhone 4, 3GS, iPod Touch. This feature is not available for iPod 3G and iPads as they can only receive video calls. In iOS 3 only voice calls and IMs are supported while in iOS 4 video calls are available.

Skype 2.x supports only voice calls and IM while Skype 3.x has video calling too. But it needs apple iOS 4 or above to make available video calling.


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