Skype 3 0 vs. Tango

Difference Between Skype 3 0 and Tango Skype 3.0 was launched in December 2010. It supports video calling…

Difference Between Skype 3 0 and Tango

Skype 3.0 was launched in December 2010. It supports video calling unlike its former version Skype 2.X. Tango and Skype 3.0 for iPhones provide video and voice calling over 3G and Wi-Fi. Both of these are multimedia applications over IP.


With the help of this application, one is able to make free video calls over 3G and Wi-Fi. It can be downloaded and installed from app store. iPhones and some Android phones support this application. The benefit of using Tango is that the registration is not that complex. It is fast and the user name used for calling is the phone number itself.

Skype 3.0 for iPhones

Through Skype 3.0, video and voice calls, instant messaging and SMS can be made. Amongst Skype users, voice and video calling is free of cost. Other service like calling any other number worldwide is charged on per minute basis and connection fee on sending SMS, chat, sharing files, conference call, call forwarding and local calls in the world. If you are connected to 3G or Wi-Fi through your iPhone or iPod, then you can instantly share your precious moments from anywhere in the world. The videos you want to share can be given to users on mobiles, desktops, notebooks or iPad.

Video calling can be done using Skype 3.0 from the front or back camera in either portrait or landscape mode. Users on iPhone 4 3GS and iPod Touch except for those on iPod 3G and Ipad, can make two way video calling to any other Skype user. Apple iOS 4 or above is required for making video calls. On iOS 3 only voice calls and IM is supported.

Bothe of these support video calling when connected through 3G and Wi-Fi. But Skype supports iPhones and IPod Tough 4G only while Tango supports iPhones and few Androids as well. Address book synchronizing is supported by Tango but Skype uses its propriety CODEC. Services like IM, SMS, Skype out and Skype in are not supported by Tango, though there is a possibility in future. Both accustom monthly data plan or Wi-Fi. Voice and Video quality is great in both but Skype overshadows Tango and Viber.  You can’t invite friends to join in on Skype, which is only possible in Tango. But Skype is being used by a lot of people from a long time.


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