Sleep Apnea vs. Narcolepsy

Difference Between Sleep Apnea and Narcolepsy Sleep apnea and narcolepsy are disorders in sleep patterns in humans. These…

Difference Between Sleep Apnea and Narcolepsy

Sleep apnea and narcolepsy are disorders in sleep patterns in humans. These two conditions come from different places in life, for many different reasons and they are different.

• Sleep apnea is when you sleep, but not breathing. This period may last for 15 seconds. Oxygen level in blood drops. This situation makes the person to wake up again and again. As a result, people with sleep apnea are deprived of sleep.

A person with narcolepsy has repeated instances of falling asleep during the day. This allows the person not to manage their sleep, no matter where he is. It is characterized by a sleep paralysis, disturbance of sleep at night and hallucinations.

• Let’s talk about situations that occur in all age groups. A person with the age of 40 are affected by sleep apnea, narcolepsy usually starts when a person is a teenager. When he is 30 years or 40 years and it is rare to be diagnosed with narcolepsy.

• Sleep apnea occurs because of three factors that are classified accordingly. One is central sleep apnea which is a fundamental problem in the brain during sleep. Obstructive sleep apnea occurs when there is inability to breathe because something is blocking the ventilation. Sleep apnea is a combination of both these reasons.

Narcolepsy is caused by a defect with a group of nerve cells called neurons hypocretin. They are also associated with certain HLA antigens on white blood cells. Some scientists believe that there is a picture of autoimmune diseases diseases.

• With the combination of medication and behavioral treatment of narcolepsy, it can be cured. A patient with sleep apnea should be treated in accordance with the reason which is the cause of the disease in the first place.


1 Sleep apnea is the time when a person is not breathing during sleeping. A disorder when a person unwillingly falls asleep many times in a day.

2 Narcolepsy affects a young man, but sleep apnea is usually witnessed after 40

3. Sleep apnea is due to defects in the brain or the other reason may be obstructions in the airways. Narcolepsy is a malfunction of the nerve cells.

4 Narcolepsy are treated with behavioral therapy and medication. Sleep apnea is treated with surgery, chemotherapy, or dentures.



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