Slovenia Vs. Slovakia

Difference Between Slovenia And Slovakia Central Europe, apart from many beautiful countries, also has Slovenia and Slovakia. Their…

Difference Between Slovenia And Slovakia

Central Europe, apart from many beautiful countries, also has Slovenia and Slovakia. Their creation was as a result of the disintegration of their former countries -Yugoslavia and Czechoslovakia.

In a lot of ways both the countries are different despite arising from the neighborhood countries. While Slovenia was a section of Yugoslavia, Slovakia was a portion of Czechoslovakia. Even area wise, Slovakia has got more land area than Sloveniain. Population in Slovakia is around 5.3 million and Slovenia has an estimated population of 2 million. Slovenia is located close to the Adriatic Sea while Slovakia is a landlocked country.

Slovenia and Slovakia have Ljubljana  and Bratislava as their capital respectively.

On one hand Slovenia is surrounded on the West by Italy, South by Croatia , East by Hungary, and North by Austria. On June 25, 1991.Slovenia enjoyed the privilege of being an independent nation.

On the other hand, Slovakia is bounded on the North by the Czech Republic, East by Ukraine and Poland, West by Austria and finally, South by Hungary. On January 1, 1993, Slovakia was born

Slovenia enjoys the geographical coastline of about 50 kilometers.

To add on, the co incidence is that both the countries’ flags boast the same white, red, and blue colors. But the difference their “coat of arms.”  Makes them stand part. The Russian flag has inspired the Slovenian coat of arms in a lot of ways.  In the Slovenia flag, the coat of arms encompass  stars, Triglav mountain, and the sea while In the Slovakian flag  the coat of arms possess a double cross on a mountain.

Despite their differences in the currencies they used earlier, viz  Slovakia used the koruna  and Slovenia used the tolar currency, now they bo0th use the euro.


1. Slovenia and Slovakia were born out of  Yugoslavia, and Czechoslovakia respectively.

2. The Slovenia flag encompasses the stars, Triglav mountain, and the sea in the coat of arms while the in the Slovakian flag shows a double cross on a mountain in its coat of arms.

3. On one hand the koruna was used as a currency in Slovakia, while on the other, the tolar currency was the standard currency used in Slovenia.

4. On June 25, 1991 Slovenia was re born as an independent nation and on January 1, 1993 Slovakia was reborn.

5. Slovenia is bounded on the West by Italy, East by Hungary, North by Austria and South by Croatia. Slovakia is enclosed on the West by Austria, South by Hungary, East by Ukraine, and North by the Czech Republic and Poland.


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