Slow vs. Fast Twitch Fibers

Difference Between Slow and Fast Twitch Fibers There are body muscles many of which work on their own.…

Difference Between Slow and Fast Twitch Fibers

There are body muscles many of which work on their own. Skeletal muscle is a type of muscle which is responsible for the body movement and they are made up of fibers. Slow twitch fiber and fast twitch fiber are two types of body muscles fibers. People who are aspiring to be a part of body building must know the differences between these two fibers.

Slow twitch fibers are weaker and they contract very slowly. However as they can utilize oxygen very easily they can generate oxygen very easily without the lactic acid getting created. Despite their weakness these red colored fibers are very good as far as endurance is concerned.  The athletes from marathon utilize these fibers so that they can run with ease. Pure fast twitch fibers are strong, white colored fibers and generate extra power because of their capacity to contract quickly. However they get tired quickly. There is a fast contrasting common quality that makes these fibers similar and gives them strength and makes them dynamic, resistant to fatigue, energy efficient and explosive. However these infrequently found fibers are very useful in all the body actions and performances.

Generally the proportion of these fibers in a body is decided by the genes however we may say the ratio is approximately 1:1.  The fast twitch fibers are useful to aerobics and the slow twitch fibers are used by the athletes. It is generally found that the short distance runners have almost 80% fast twitch fibers and the long distance marathon runners have almost 80% slow twitch fibers. If becoming a runner is a part of your dream then your genes will give you the perfect indication which event will suit you best. It is true that you cannot change the nature and configuration of your muscle fibers; however what you can do is that you can trigger the hybrid varieties of both the fibers to make the best of what you have.


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