Snake vs. Lizard

Difference Between Snake and Lizard Besides the fact that both are the most common of the reptiles, snake…

Difference Between Snake and Lizard

Besides the fact that both are the most common of the reptiles, snake and lizard both have scaled skins and lay eggs that are shelled in nature. Another point of similarity is that both snakes and lizards are cold blooded animals i.e. their body temperature is not supported by their metabolism. Both are found in the wild environment and as domestic pets as well. However keeping snakes is not a good idea.

Snake which comes from the word snaca are found every where and in every continent except Antarctica. Some of these carnivorous animals, which can be seen in every sizes like the Giant pythons to the thread like snake of 10 cm length, are non venomous and totally harmless while the others have fearful venom which are dangerous enough to kill human beings as well.

Lizard which represents about 3800 species of squamate reptiles, have scaly skin. Some of the lizards, who have the tendency to get rid of their tail when there is any danger, can climb most of the surfaces, even solid surfaces well, a tendency which helps them to escape easily.

In spite of all their similarities, the way a snake and a lizard appear is good enough to indicate the differences.

A lizard has 4 legs that are used to commute from one place to another. However no such legs are found in case of snakes that have ventral scales to aid the locomotion.

Whereas snakes are devoid of ear openings and use their skull bone and feelings of terrestrial vibrations to sense sound, lizards have external ears which make their hearing organ.

Difference is also found in the respiratory organs in the snakes and lizards as the lizards have a pair of lungs while the snakes have a single one.


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