Socialcam For Iphone vs. S Android

Difference Between Socialcam For Iphone and S Android For any socially active smart phone owners, sharing photos and…

Difference Between Socialcam For Iphone and S Android

For any socially active smart phone owners, sharing photos and videos online with friends is a routine task. In an amazing effort to bring out the apparently easiest way share videos online, has launched an app that is compatible with both Android as well as Apple devices called Socialcam which quite simply is an instagram for video. Using Socialcam you can browse, comment and like videos that have been uploaded by your online friends. According to what Justine Kan of JustinTV feels sharing videos from a smart phone is not technically impossible, emails and simple text messages have size issues while websites like FaceBook and YouTube frequently fall socially.

This free application is compatible and will come for smart phones based on both iOS and Android. All the user has to do is to connect the application with FaceBook and you are all set to use the application to share videos. When a video is being recorded the uploading begins at the same time as a result when you finish recording, the uploading gets completed simultaneously. Apart from tagging a video and adding additional info to it, these videos can be not only be shared with friends on Facebook and Twitter but they can also be sent via sms or e-mail. Though presently you cannot do any more than just sharing videos, however plans to launch private videos soon. There is a big difference between the Socialcam for iPhone and android users. If you are looking to delete a video from an iPhone, you need to visit the Socialcam website and log in to the FaceBook account. However it is good news or the Android owners as they can delete video within the application without logging in to the website.

The Socialcam has been very popular with more than 250000 downloads since March. It is an interesting fact that over two-thirds of the part is iPhone owners. Good news for the iPhone users is that a recent update of Socialcam (Socialcam 2.0) exclusively them has been launched which will allow them to save and upload videos to and from their iPhone library. However there has been no such launch for the Android users from the part of Socialcam.


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