Softball vs. Baseball

Difference Between Softball and Baseball In order to keep ourselves fit and also in order to refresh our…

Difference Between Softball and Baseball

In order to keep ourselves fit and also in order to refresh our mind and body, there are several sports in which we indulge ourselves. Of the long list of sports and games that are there, Baseball and Softball are two very famous types of sports. The fact that Softball owes its origin to Baseball has lead many people to regard the two sports as one and the same. But the reality is that there are a lot of differences between the two sports.

To begin with, the first difference that lies between the two sports is the size of the ball. In Baseball, the circumference of the ball is 9 inches and in case of Softball, the same is 12 inches with the ball having a lesser density than that of the Baseball ball.

Baseball has no further classifications i.e the game is played in a uniform way anywhere in the world. But Softball is classified into Fast Pitch and Slow Pitch, both of which have stark dissimilarities with the game of Baseball. Where on one hand Baseball is a game of 9 innings, on the other hand, Softball is a game played for 7 innings, both, however being an odd number. Even the bat that is used to play the two games shows difference in its dimensions and composition. The Baseball bat has a maximum length of forty two inches and should be made up of wood. While a Softball bat has a maximum length of 34 inches and should be made of aluminium. However, wood may also be used to make a Softball bat. The players per team, however, are the same viz. (defenders), in case of the two games. In case of Baseball, there is something call the dead ball when the player pitches the ball in an illegal manner. However there is no such term as Dead ball in case of Softball, even if the player has pitched the ball illegally. The area of the pitcher in a game of baseball is more like a sloping mound whereas in a game of softball the pitcher’s area is circular and flat. In case of baseball the baselines have a length of 90 feet while the baselines in case of softball are of 60 feet. While there is a consistent pitching distance of 60 feet and 6 inches in case of baseball there are no such regulations in case of softball as it all depends on the competition level.


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