Softball vs Baseball Which Should You Play?

Interested in playing a ball game? Then you may opt to play either baseball or softball as they…

Interested in playing a ball game? Then you may opt to play either baseball or softball as they are amoungst the most popular ball games. The only way you can get the precise difference between the two would be to examine the two definitions. Baseball is a ball game played between two teams of 9 persons each. It is played using a bat and a ball. Whenever the ball is hit by the bat a team scores points. There are four bases positioned at each corner of the square field. Your team mate must touch all these bases in a specific sequence. Softball is also played using two teams and basically has the same concept as baseball. The balls used to play softball, however, are much larger than baseballs. The pitcher also uses an underhand throw verses the overhand used in baseball. The square bases are also positioned closer when compared to baseball.

Playing Grounds

Both playing fields tend to differ in size in different locations.  There are different positions of a softball and baseball field namely infield, outfield, foul lines, fair territory, batter’s box, bases, foul poles and pitcher’s mound.

Infield: This is the section of the softball field that is usually covered by the infielder. This is usually the area of the field in equal territory.  It is, however, the dirt surface area of a baseball field. It is popularly referred to as the diamond with four white corners or bases.

Outfield: In softball, the area of a field that is away from the infield or diamond is called the outfield. This section of the field is usually utilized by the fielder and the batsman. In baseball, the outfield is normally covered by grass. In the outfield, the bases are 5 – sided rubber slab and is referred to as an home plate. The bases are usually 90ft apart.

Foul Lines: Foul lines, in softball, are there 2 foul baselines. These are the 1st and 3rd baselines. They normally distinguish equal territory from four territories. In baseball, the umpire judge get assistance from the foul lines to decide whether the fly ball which hit the fence border. If it is above then it can be either fair or foul. They appear to be vertical extension poles.

Fair Territory: The area within the playing fields, including the 1st and 3rd base starting in home plate beyond playing field fences (usually perpendicularly upward) when playing softball is the fair territory. The only difference with the baseball fair territory is that it includes the ground between the two long white lines. Officially the lines are called foul lines and the poles are called foul poles. This tends to confuse many persons. To others, however, to some it’s merely amusing.

Batter’s Box: In both games the batter stands in this area. It is usually 6ft rectangles and must be six inches away from the home plate.

Foul Poles: In order to separate the fouls territory from the fair territory, foul poles are erected at either side of the foul lines. This is done in both games.

Pitcher’s Mound: Again found in both games. This is the area from which the pitcher throws the ball.

Similarities and Differences

Softball and baseball are both two popular ball games throughout the world. It can be enjoyed by all age groups. Teamwork is vital in both games though the field size may differ. They are both great ball games as they are in fact related.

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