Solar Flare vs. Coronal Mass Ejections vs. Solar Prominence

Solar Flare, Solar Prominence and Coronal Mass Ejections: Effects, Characteristics And Magnitude Sun can either be a friend…

Solar Flare, Solar Prominence and Coronal Mass Ejections: Effects, Characteristics And Magnitude

Sun can either be a friend or an enemy of the planet though it takes the form of the former most of the time. Life would not be possible if the Sun were to disappear from the Earth’s neighborhood. Everyone knows that the Sun is the nearest and biggest star near our planet and as such, it can have a temper from time to time. All life form you see now depends on the warmth and energy produced by the sun but it can have a damaging influence every once in a while when a weather disturbance occurs on this gas giant. Considering its size and central location, the Sun can surely cook up a storm that vary in degree with solar flares, solar prominences and coronal mass ejections that influences the whole solar system including us.


Think of solar prominence as the Sun stretching out its gas components to a length that can reach thousands of kilometers while solar flares are similar to this only that it snaps at the peak of its stretch. While solar prominences are usually harmless and can be thoroughly enjoyed by viewers with telescopes as it dances with a vibrant glow across the cosmos for a few months, nobody would want a solar flare to happen as this will entail a damaging surge of energy if it is big enough. Furthermore, coronal mass ejections should be feared as it is more powerful and therefore more harmful to Earth life once the huge amounts of energy reach it.


On a normal basis, solar prominences should be nothing to worry about but it is otherwise for both a solar flare and a coronal mass ejection. Though the energy will hit a certain point it is most likely to affect the entire planet.


By now, it is pretty obvious which of the three will have the most menacing effects. Solar flares are dangerous as it sends proton storms which have a biochemical influence to people because of the degree of intensity. This is especially harmful with the cases of astronauts who are nearer to the proton storms. If people are already posed with health hazards on solar flares, the more it is with coronal mass ejections that communications technology will be the last thing on our mind. For one, the magnetosphere could be altered, satellites knocked off proper alignment and those who survive the radiation will most likely experience living without electricity. The magnetosphere is what determines the North and South Pole. Scrambling it will also have a huge consequence on life on earth.

The Final Round

  • Solar prominences are definitely the most acceptable among the three due to its gentle and non-explosive nature.
  • Solar flares move up a notch on the level of danger that it stands on creating massive tampering with information transmission of any form and even destroy the natural protective barrier against UV rays.
  • Coronal mass ejection is on the highest ranking for planet destruction as its effects are similar to that of solar flares only exponentially higher.
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