Sony Cyber Shot DSC T 99 vs. Nikon D 7000

Difference Between Sony Cyber Shot DSC T 99 and Nikon D 7000 The latest cameras are the best…

Difference Between Sony Cyber Shot DSC T 99 and Nikon D 7000

The latest cameras are the best resources for capturing high speed photographs. However in the present scenario there is no need for you to face the dilemma of deciding for a camera which will either be suitable for domestic because due to the excellent progress in this domain we have got digital cameras of such astute technologies that make them fit for both types of uses. Sony Cyber-Shot DSC T-99 and Nikon D-7000 are two of the best digital cameras nowadays which allows high speed photography and comes with some of the latest features.

The ultra slim Cyber-Shot DSC T-99 digital camera from Sony comes in shades like purple, black, silver, green and pink. This digital camera which has measures 3/4″ x 2. 1/4” x 11/16” has a 1/2 .3” super HAD CCD image sensor with RBG color filter array and a pixel range of 14.1 megapixel and a 4.7x optical zoom lens which results in clear zoom effects. With this camera nine different scenes within just 1/30th of a second can be shot due the Intelligent Scene Recognition (ISCN) mode in other words can shoot 10 frames per second.

This compact and beautiful black colored digital camera from Nikon comes with a lower price tag and is also a lot lighter in weight. D-7000 that measures 5.8 x 4.8 x 3” and comes with a weight of 2.2 pounds has incredible a features that includes a FX-format CMOS sensor that generates a pixel range of 12.1 megapixels. Along with a 1005 pixel RGB light sensor, there comes the goodness of automatic exposure, white balance and autofocus calculation. This is the only camera in this price range with such an excellent range of ISO sensitivity.

It is true that that the touch screen facility of the T-99 is unmatched as far as the cost range is concerned, due to its round edges and slick metal casing it becomes a little difficult to handle. However you cannot get professional qualities in D-7000. Thus while T-99 is best for professional use, D-7000 is best for indoor use.


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